Greetings, Survivors!

It’s been a busy and exciting time for the H1Z1 team since we launched EA a few weeks ago. As many of you are likely aware, our team underwent some staffing changes this week. We want to assure you all, this wasn’t an uncalculated change. We just weren’t in a position to share this information with the community until the details were in place. Given the nature of these circumstances, we realize this has triggered a great amount of speculation regarding the future of H1Z1, but let us reassure you that we are continuing to forge down the same path we have always been on with this game.

So, what exactly has changed? Absolutely nothing. We’re properly staffed to move forward with our current development strategy. We’ll continue to be a transparent development team and we’ll continue on our promise and commitment to making this a player driven game. You, the players are ultimately steering this ship based on your involvement and feedback.

Right now, our primary focus is to stabilize the current iteration of H1Z1. Once we’ve ironed out the larger issues and overall stability, we’ll move on to our next phase which includes the rollout of our development Roadmap. Based on a simple voting system, your feedback and participation will have a direct impact on the future of new and expanded features in H1Z1.

On the visual side of things, we have some really cool stuff in the works. A revised male player model with more customization options, as well as a female character model! Player Studio integration is also on the horizon for those of you with the chops to make killer art. And, some more emotes that really make the role playing fun!

We, the dev team, appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. The H1Z1 community is one of the most passionate groups of players we’ve ever had and it shows with all the positive vibes you’re sending across social networks. We thank you all for this!

We’ll be hosting a livestream on Twitch ( next Tuesday, February 17th at 11:00 a.m. PT. Just like our previous stream, it will be a large group Q&A. This will give you the opportunity to ask us your burning questions about H1Z1.

Now get back to the Apocalypse and fight the good fight!

The H1Z1 Team