On this weeks episode of Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST we cover the server wipe, PAX Prime, new skins and more.

  • Current Players
  • Beginner Tip: The BBQ is an important tool for not only food and water, but, also fuel. You use a BBQ (or campfire) to purify water, cook raw meat, and convert animal fat into biofuel. If do not have access to a BBQ you can chop down a tree and use 2 logs to create a campfire. You will need either a lighter, flare, or bow drill to light them.
  • Advanced Tip: Crowbar Scavenging Methodology – There is a science to getting the most out of your crowbar and when harvesting metal. Research done by BuzWeaver on YouTube has found that swing one and two harvest metal, but, 3 and 4 do not. It is recommended that you hit with swing one and two and swing the next to in the air.