On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST GTA V Modding, Friday the 13th Content and Just Survive Updates.

Tip of the week: Friday the 13th – You really need to know what the items in your inventory do. Items that you find in drawers and lying around the map could be vital in your survival in Friday the 13th. Items such as the pocketknife, firecrackers, flare gun, and shotgun will stun Jason for a brief period. The healing spray will help you regain health after being attacked and melee weapons will deal damage and possibly stun Jason. In order to escape there are other important things to find. The Radio allows you to communicate with other counselors without Jason hearing and the map allows you to see where roads, cabins, vehicles escape routes, and other counselors are. One great method is to use the fuse to repair the fuse box. This allows you to radio the police for a rescue. The remaining items are important for repairing vehicles to escape with. The propeller and fuel will get the boat running to escape via the lake. The battery, fuel, and keys allow you to escape in one of the cars on the map.