New BR starter area

New character slots

New character slots


New Character Model

New Character Model

Truck 1st person

Jeep Interior

R380 Gun

Small caliber pocket pistol, fast fire rate, and more accurate.


New Dam

Zombies based on server pop

    • Respawn rate of zombies tweaked.
    • Zombies wearing helmets, hats, and backpacks are lootable after killed.

New Work Bench



  • Anti cheat
  • PS4 “Incoming”
  • Render distance being increased at a gradual rate to avoid performance drop.
  • Level of detail (Ninja Guy) farther out
  • New vehicles
    • Van
    • Bike
    • ATV
  • BR
    • First person mode BR and then team BR later.
  • PVE will receive a lot of attention in the coming patches.
  • Bigger Map
    • Needs more tech
  • H1Z1 Virus not working yet