A slightly late and somewhat solo episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

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Tip of the week: SCUM – When I first started playing this game I was concerned about the number of statistics for the character and small details that seemed required to keep your character healthy. Unlike most survival games, in SCUM you can’t just swallow every edible thing your come across. You will find various types of food, pills, drinks, and medicines. They play an important role in combating specific health problems you will come across while playing the game. On your Metabolism screen you will see Sicknesses under your BCU Body Monitor. These can physical injury or some other type of ailment. Be sure to check that regularly to see how you are faring in the game. If you have a physical injury, try a bandage. Have a cold from being in the rain without a raincoat? Try some antibiotics. Overdosed from swallowing all the pills? Try some charcoal tablets. The game has taking survival to a whole nother level.