Twitch banned in China, Ring of Elysium,Telltale games and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Humble Bundle:

Tip of the week: Ring of Elysium – When starting your match, be mindful of the loadout you choose. It actually has a real effect on some of the abilities you will have access to throughout the match. The first option is a parachute/hang glider type of option, the second is a snowboard, and the final option is rock climbing gear. Starting out, your best option is the snowboard. It lets you move around the map at an accelerated rate. Perhaps later in the game you will a strategic advantage to having a hang glider or a specific location you would want to reach with the rock climbing gear. Initially the safe bet is the snowboard. Press T to initiate the snowboard in game and give it a try.