World War Z numbers, toxic environment at Epic, Z1 servers shutting down and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW – Overwatch


Tip of the week: Rocket League – To truly excel at Rocket League the top players have mastered the art of flying. Rocket League has a tutorial that will frustrate the daylights out of you since it doesn’t really teach you how to fly. It puts you in the middle of the arena and has you try to hit balls that are in the air. Running this drill over and over again will help you to start flying in regular matches. There is no real shortcut to this, it is all about learning how to alternate boosts and guide your nose of the car toward the objective. Another useful thing to practice over and over is the initial ball touch. You need to practice how to boost as quickly to the center as possible while still making contact with the ball in the right location to make a goal on the first hit. This will get you some easy goals against lazy teams.