Our Rust experience, Atlas 100 update, gambling in video games and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Tip of the week: Rust – How to fly the helicopter. First you will need to add fuel to the helicopter before attempting to fly. Press W to start the engine. You can then hold CTRL to drive the copter around. If you hold down W you will go up. Press A to turn, but keep in mind it will affect the pitch as well and will cause the helicopter to roll. Once high enough, move your mouse forward slightly and it will start to go forward. To turn right, hold D and then adjust the pitch to keep it upright. Overcompensating the pitch will cause you turn turn over and crash. You do need to continue holding W in order to keep the helicopter in the air. Once you are ready to land, let off of W and you will gently lower to the ground. If you want to descend more quickly, hold down S. Once landed, hold S to stay planted on the ground.