Fallout 76 Not on Steam, Atlas Game and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST


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Tip of the week: Fortnite – Quickly building using the default keybinds is nearly impossible. The fastest builders use a set of buttons on their mouse to seamless place walls and ramps. If you lack a mouse with the necessary number of buttons you will want to keybind to particular keys that can easily be accessed while jumping and moving your character. Here are some examples of popular keybindings: Floor Q, Wall & Stairs Mouse Buttons, and Roof V. If you don’t have the buttons on your mouse to use, you can go with something similar to this set: Wall B, Floor N, Stairs V, and Roof T. You will want to try different combinations and find the keys that your fingers naturally are drawn to. Some keys like G are already mapped to a function. As long as you know what each key does you can re-map those default bindings to whatever you choose.