Discord Sells Games, Fallout 76 PVP, Red Dead 2 and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST


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Tip of the week: We Happy Few – There are a few items you will be using repeatedly as you play. Lockpicks and Healing Balm are vital as you make your way through the world. To create these you will need bobby pins and red flowers. The bobby pins can be crafted into lockpicks and red flowers create healing balm which is one of the only ways to recover health. You will find that you are struggling to maintain full health throughout the game. Every time you see these items, pick them up. Also pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. As you visit different districts in the world you will need to wear different outfits to fit in. There are many ways to make it through the game. Choose your playstyle and have fun.