On this weeks episode of Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST we cover the recent server wipe, in game bugs, and more.



  • Current Players


  • Beginner Tip: Reporting hackers in game – There are two ways to report a hacker in game. First you can click the “Report last death” button if you are killed by the hacker. If this is not the case and you are observing what seems to be hacker like activity, you can press “Ctrl – R” to report the person you are pointing at.
  • Advanced Tip: Obtaining the Ghillie Suit – To get the ghillie suit you can either craft it or loot it in game. To craft it you only need 20 scraps of cloth, 2 duct tape, and 4 spools of twine. Obtaining the spools of twine will be the most difficult part. They are usually found in dresser drawers in houses. You may find it easier to run to the military base and find one.