On this weeks episode of Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST we cover the 2015 H1Z1 Invitational at Twitch Con, an ATV and more.

  • Current Players
  • Beginner Tip: Shred your hat early. When preparing for a BR you may find that you are having to pick up a helmet and then drag it to replace your hat right away in game. This is a dangerous time if you landed in a populated area. For BRs you may find that the best option is to shred your hat in the waiting area and then when you pick up a helmet it will be equipped automatically.
  • Advanced Tip: Un-mute players – To un-mute someone in H1Z1 there is not a way in game to do this through the interface. If you browse to the H1Z1 game directory you can open the UserOptions.ini file. At the bottom you will see a [voicevolumes] tag. Remove the line containing the player name, save the file, and then relaunch the game. http://help.daybreakgames.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/37764