On this weeks episode of Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST we cover Test Server Updates, the Medical Facility, and much more.


Player professions

    • Park Ranger
      • As a park ranger you have spent most of your days protecting nature and preserving the parklands. While investigating a report of strange behavior from a visiting group of boy scouts in the woods, you found yourself in the midst of a zombie attack that had already claimed the lives of the troop at the hands of their infected troop leader. Now that the outbreak has taken hold your knowledge of survival has prepared you to live off the land while you try to find other survivors.
    • Repairman
      • As a handyman, you have spent your adult life doing an array of things from construction to car repair. You are a genuine Mr. Fixit who found yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time. While helping a group of people who had stopped on the side of the road with what appeared to be car trouble, you got your first taste of the H1Z1 epidemic .Before you realized it, your attempt to be a good Samaritan placed you in a life or death situation as you fought off a group of zombified individuals. Now your variety of skills will be put to the test as you do what you can to survive long enough to find others, and hopefully a way out.
    • Paramedic
      • Before the H1Z1 outbreak you were a hotshot new paramedic. Your training in the field of emergency medicine made you an expert in the realm of field triage. On your last emergency call you barely escaped when a pack of H1Z1 infected zombie attacked your partner and turned to you. In your panic you fled the scene unable to save your partner. Now that the infection has spread you must rely on your medical skills to survive as you seek out other survivors in hopes that you can find a way to escape the hell of this outbreak.


  • Current Players


  • Beginner Tip: Pick up the detailed map for accurate information of roads and points of interest.
  • Advanced Tip: You can determine your heading using the /loc command.
    • East = 0
    • North = 1.57
    • West = 3.14
    • South = -1.57