Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST Episode 13 (4-14-15) H1Z1 Dev Team

On this weeks episode of Infection – The H1Z1 PODCAST we have members of the H1Z1 team join us LIVE

  • Guest: Greg Henninger
    • Community Manager for H1Z1
    • @greghenninger on Twitter
  • Guest: Adam Clegg
    • Sr. Game Designer on H1Z1
    • @arclegger on Twitter
  • Interview Questions
  • Securing base
  • Tips of the week
    • Beginner: When driving in a vehicle keep one person in the car with the doors locked.
    • Advanced: When building a base you can place structures outside of the foundation area on other structures. You can then delete the lower structures so the buildings below are suspended in the air.
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