On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST we cover big KotK updates, Alphas and more.

Game Of The Week – Overwatch

Survival Tip: H1Z1 – Making a vehicle unusable… Usually I don’t include bugs in tip of the week, but, this one is pretty fun. There is a trick that allows you to remove all of the vehicles parts instantly. This includes the hotwire icon that is usually not able to be removed. If you take a bandage and drop it onto the hotwire slot, the hotwire will go into your inventory along with the bandage. This allows you to leave vehicles that can only be started with a key and no longer can be hotwired. This is great if your group dies. You can leave your key in the forest, hotwire the car, remove the hotwire, and then drive it into the middle of a group. They will kill you and the hotwire will be in your inventory. They cannot place it back into the vehicle.