On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST we cover ARK, Miscreated updates and more.

Survival Tip: ARK – When trying to solo tame a smaller sized animal or dino you can use the bola to stop the animal long enough to knock them out. Be careful though when aiming, because, it is easy to miss. This is very useful when trying to tame a saber or wolf that can quickly kill you. Lock them in place and then you can knock them out with maybe 5 or 6 tranq arrows for a quick tame. To find out exactly how many arrows or darts that are needed for a specific dino/animal you can go to ark.gamepedia.com and search for the dino. At the bottom you will see how many narcotics and either meat or berries required to fully tame the animal. It will also show you a time estimate as well.