On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST we cover the latest ARK updates, some new survival games and more.


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**GAME GIVEAWAY** – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

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  • H1Z1 Tip: Where to land in Battle Royale – Bubba’s Truck Stop: This is a location that has multiple loot spots. First you may want to check out the auto repair shop that is across from the motel area. This is often a spawn location and most likely will get you a decent gun. You can then work your way through the local businesses to get fully geared. Lastly I would go through the motel rooms. Eventually you will find look, but, not every room has anything substantial. Most of the time the final area is not at this location, so, you will need to be prepared to move.

Survival Tip:  7 Days to Die – Don’t try to chop a zombie to death. Zombies are an actual threat in 7 Days to Die. If you use an axe or club to melee a zombie to death you risk injuring yourself or dying. The safest bet is to use a bow and arrows to knock the zombie down and then quickly chop them with an axe.