On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST we cover the ARK winter update, game giveaways and more.


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  • H1Z1 Tip: Where to land in Battle Royale – F5 House – When I first started BRs I found myself drifting toward a house in the center of F5. It is to the east of the Pleasant Valley subdivisions and is along a little road that weaves from Avrham Highway all the way to Hunter Drive. There is a good chance you will find a rifle and backpack at this house. I quickly leave and head west. There is a campsite just down the hill that usually contains a backpack and helmet. Then you head northwest to the trailer for loot and west to the bridge for various weapons. From here you can head slightly northwest to a campsite containing more ammo. From here head straight to the northeast corner of the Pleasant Valley subdivision. This method always gets me fully geared before having to face other players and tends to get me quickly to the top 10 in a BR.
  • Survival Tip:  (7 Days to Die Tip: Desert) – When starting in 7 Days to Die you have a number of different biomes you might start in. With a desert you will be battling thirst and overheating.You must quickly find a water source and shelter before the first night fall. Look for stumps to gather wood from and once you have a weapon chop at a cactus to get a food source. If you can find some form of water you will want to fill up any water bottles you have and mark it on your map in case you need to return there.