PUBG creates, Producers letters and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW –  League of Legends


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Tip of the week: PUBG – Here is a helpful tip for quickly measuring the distance for a long distance shot. You have the ability to “zero in” a scoped gun to have the center mark to be in the correct location at farther or closer locations. Perhaps you have posted yourself up on a high point outside of a town. Open up your map and look at your location vs the location you are expecting people to be. If you can see the general area the opposing player is on your mini-map, just measure how many white boxes they are from your location. Each of those are 100 meters. If they are out of your mini map range, open your full map. Look at the lighter colored squares. Each of these white squares are each 100 meters. Count how many of those that are separating you from your target and adjust your zeroing to that amount for a fairly close accuracy.