On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST Conan Exile Issues, H1Z1 Login Problems and more.

Tip of the week: Conan Exiles – Taming thralls in game can help protect your base or have access to special items that certain specialty thralls can help craft.  You can get melee or ranged (bow) thralls to stand around your base and protect it when you are not logged in. Dancers will remove corruption and provide health regen. The first step is to craft a wheel of pain to break the will of your captured thrall. Then you will need to craft a truncheon and fiber bindings. You use the truncheon to knock out a thrall and then drag them back with the fiber bindings. The Thrall will then be in your inventory. You place them in the inventory area of the wheel of pain, add gruel, and wait until tamed. You can then place them in the appropriate crafting spot or around your base for protection.