On this weeks episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST we have Jens Erik from Conan Exiles on the show.

Tip of the week: ARK – Managing an ARK server without a management application can be a pain. Whether you are looking to host one on a Windows or Linux computer there are excellent tools to help you keep it up to date, manage and update mods, and start/stop it when needed. If using Windows a great tool is the “Ark Server Manager.” If you visit their website at arkservermanager.com you can download their most recent version. If you are hosting on Linux there is a great command line tool named Ark Server Tools. It is maintained on GitHub and can be easily updated from the command line.

Ark Server Tools (Linux): https://github.com/FezVrasta/ark-server-tools

Ark Server Manager (Windows): http://arkservermanager.freeforums.net/thread/3/downloads