H1Z1 Servers will be coming offline at 2PM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. Full patch notes below.

Battle Royale

We have cycled out the old mystery bag and have added a new one with entirely new rewards. Because of this, the Battle Royale rewards have changed:

  • 1st: 1x Unique Red Battle Royale Shirt, 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket, 1x Event Ticket

  • 2nd: 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket

  • 3rd: 1x Elite Bag, 1X Mystery Bag v2

  • 4th-10th: 1x Mystery Bag v2

We’ve changed the way crates drop in the game, you now earn them through normal play.

We have added 2 new crates. You will get 1 crate from playing H1Z1, and another crate from playing BR. Both are unique and independent of each other.

Battle Royale: Fixed incorrect reporting of player rank (0) in certain situations.

Additional Fixes:

  • Improved procedural spawners to make zombies more populous around high-player-traffic areas.

  • LOD’s (Level of Detail) added to vans, cabinets, and weapon shelves

  • Added fixed emote key-bindings for new emotes

  • Added new locations for weapon spawns

  • Fixed glow-in-the-dark map object

  • Adjustments to firing animations

  • Adjustments to a few textures and collision objects

  • Prepared data for Oceanic servers(AU)