The update includes the following fixes:

•Fixed issue with loot rules which were preventing spawning items inside containers

Metal Gate should now work properly

Floating Arrows should no longer cause damage or obstruct vehicles.

•Structures are now more resistant to damage

•Zombies should no longer slide or attack while knocked down

•Dragging a stack of items that was too large to fit in your inventory would not move any of the stack. It now tops off as much as it can fit

•Fixed issue where the inventory wouldn’t accept the maximum it could hold when picking up items from proximity/containers.

•The dew collector should work now, seriously

•Adjusted many items so that they will stack in the inventory properly

•Added a recipe for a Metal Door that is more durable than a wooden door

•Additional server list sorting options are now available

•The inventory option “Delete” has been removed

•“Drop”, “Unload” and “Place” inventory options have been removed from proximity items

•Rebalanced melee damage, including fists

•Enabled melee headshot damage for NPC’s and players Have feedback on the new melee changes? Post them inJimmy’s thread here

•Fixed issue with the Runamok Toxic Cavern container not working

•Stagnant water can now be purified in barbecue.

•Bear meat can now be cooked on a barbecue.

•Rabbit stew can now be cooked. It now requires cooked rabbit meat instead of raw rabbit meat.

•Hammers, wrenches, and combat knives can now be melted down into bars inside of a furnace.

•Some larger items like the machete and AR15 now yield more metal bars when melted in a furnace.

•Animal traps now take damage.

•The animal trap recipe now require four nails.

•Fixed picking overlapping blackberry bushes where players sometimes had crouch to pick them successfully

•Fixed event tickets so that tickets found in the world are granted and the name and count show up properly