Microsoft purchases Bethesda, More China bans, Unity IPO and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Tip of the week: Last Oasis – Let’s talk about some of the tools and resources in Last Oasis. The initial tools you will need and what you will gather with them. The Pickaxe is used to gather stone and wood. Wood is gathered from trees and stones can be found on the ground, but will mainly be gathered from boulders. The Sickle is used to gather fiber, aloe vera, and cattail. Some of these are for crafting or for food. The Axe is primarily for chopping wood, but can be used as a close combat weapon. You will also want to gather cactus and cactus fruit. This is a great source of water in the early game and with a tool you can get these items from the cactus. Without a weapon you can pick the fruit from the tree.