Sons Of The Forest, Steam Numbers, Survive the Nights and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Friday Night Game Night: Survive the Nights

Tip of the week: Survive the Nights – Hoping that we all have a chance to play some Survive the Nights together this weekend I thought it would be helpful to give some tips. In the game the current weapons are guns. You have knives, axes, etc. that are used for cutting up logs, cutting down trees, and other utilitarian objectives. Other items you can pick up are can openers, tinder, coal, and firewood. These will all help you in cooking. When you first load into the game you will want to press 2 to equip your flashlight. If you left click you wind up the flashlight and then right click to turn it on. The game can be very dark and this is helpful. Similar to 7 Days to Die you want to beware at night. A difference between many other games is that there are no drops from killing other players. Finally you will want to write down what server you are playing on. They don’t have a quick and easy way to find your already created characters.