H1Z1 Outbreak, the PUBG Lawsuit, Miscreated drama and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW – Rocket League

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Tip of the week: Rocket League – Adjusting your camera can give you a little bit of a boost in precision when controlling your car. Setting the camera distance and swivel speed will help you to have a better understanding of your surroundings and more quickly look around with minimal stick movement. Some setting you may want to try are to disable camera shake and set your field of view to 110. This 110 setting will give you a wider camera view. Set the camera distance to 250 or 260 to give you a little bit extra view range as well. You can set the camera height a little higher if you prefer, possibly 110. This is totally up to you and how comfortable you feel with that setting while playing. You can play with the camera swivel speed to see what is comfortable for your play style. If you increase the number it will turn the camera around your vehicle at a faster rate.