Warzone Snakes, 7 Days to Die Streamer Weekend, Blackwake sale and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW: Blackwake

Tip of the week: Blackwake – Being that blackwake is incredibly cheap I figured it would be fun to give some gameplay tips for it. Blackwake has a number of weapons you can choose from. The Musket is the default starting gun. It has good accuracy for sniping. The Blunderbuss is a shotgun that does great damage up close. The Nockgun is a musket that shoots seven bullets at once. It is a very powerful gun, but takes a long time to reload. You also can’t use iron sights while using it. Lastly there is a hand mortar. It shoots grenades, but they don’t damage ships. Other weapon types include side arms, melee weapons, and some special weapon types.