Stadia Cash, GTA Banned, The Day Before wars and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Friday Night Game Night: Rust



Tip of the week: Days Gone – If you are going to be playing Days Gone once it hits PC here are some tips to help you out. The game gives you the ability to quickly save at your bike. If you are about to enter a building that might be filled with freakers, do a quick save before going in. When upgrading your character, be sure to get the green thumb and butcher survival skills first. They will double the amount of plants and meat you gather. This will save you a lot of grinding time in the game. One final thing to keep in mind is to cut down or shoot with a silent weapon, the NERO checkpoint speakers before cutting the power to the point. Once you have a number of these locations, you can quick travel between them and restock on all of your resources.