Rockstars New Launcher, Borderlands 3 reviews, EA’s Streaming Service and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW: Dead by Daylight – Free Weekend

Question from USAFzombie: “Curious the opinion of “The Long Dark” in here. Read some good reviews about it, and being survival I feel like you guys will have a good opinion.”


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GOTW – Dead by Daylight – Free Weekend


Tip of the week: The Long Dark – Here are some tips for getting started in the Long Dark. Some things you will want to carry with you are matches and tinder. It gets very cold in the game and it is easy to freeze to death. Also carry a bedroll. This will save your life in the game. The bedroll provides 4 degrees celsius warmth in the game. You will want to carry water, a weapon, and a hatchet. Keep an eye on how much you are carrying though. If you are over-encumbered, you will be unable to climb ropes. Once moving around, don’t overexert yourself. This uses calories and will drain you.