GTA loading times, Deadtale, Nvidia and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST


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Tip of the week: Conan Exiles – Your first option is to find the right server for you. Decide what your play style will be and find a server that matches it. If you are looking to build and not fight other players, go for a PVE server. If you want to slay your virtual enemies, take a look at PVE and now with the update you can play solo as well. When starting to play you want to gather as much resources as possible to start leveling up your character and crafting abilities. Hold off on building a large base until you have your level high enough to leave the starter area and go to an area with better loot. Feel free to build a shack in the starter area to get a place to store your loot, but be prepared to move out as soon as you get enough levels to survive in a harsher climate