We are going to PAX West 2018, PUBG, Campo Santo, Columbus Nova and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW – Darwin Project

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Tip of the week: The Darwin Project: Customize your crafting wheel – Rather than jumping directly into the game, jump into the settings and customize your crafting wheel. The crafting wheel is an important part of the gameplay. It controls what items you take into battle. You can a adjust these in the pre-game lobby, but, it would be wise to adjust these without the time constraint in the main menu. Keep in mind that if you pick a specialized arrow type, you won’t be given the 5 normal arrows for free at the start of the match. The specialized arrows can cause things like debuffs, fire arrow, or a tracking arrow that lasts 10 seconds. These abilities should be tuned to your playstyle.