PUBG Map Codename: Savage, ARK Mobile, Mavericks and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST


Humble Bundle:

Tip of the week: Robocraft Royale – Choosing your vehicle makes all the difference in this game. Your initial vehicle will be a very simple and small vehicle. Around the map you will see vehicle that you can possess and use for the rest of the match. You may change vehicles as often as you like. Vehicles that fly tend to have weaker weapons and be more fragile. Some ground based vehicles will have very strong weapons, but, be limited on how easily they can move around the map. When looking at a vehicle, it will show you  whether you will be gaining or losing max health and gaining or losing speed. Then up to 5 weapons will be listed for the load-out of that vehicle. I found that a land based vehicle with strong weapons took me farther in the matches.