PUBG takes on cheaters, H1Z1 leaderboards and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW –  F13

Tip of the week: PUBG – In a previous tip I went through the steps of installing Reshade to help fix some of visual flaws of Battlegrounds. With the recent changes you can now possibly get flagged for using Reshade on the PUBG client. So, to remove Reshade you will need to get into the folder where PUBG is installed. Then go to TSLGame\Binaries\Win64. Inside this folder will be a Reshade directory, some ini files, dxgi files, and d3d9 files. Remove all of these files and launch the game. The Reshade launcher should now be gone from the application. If you feel that the graphics are dull, you can use the vibrance feature in the Nvidia Control Panel if you have an Nvidia video card. This will bring some more color to the graphics in PUBG