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GOTW – Left 4 Dead 2


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GOTW – Left 4 Dead 2

Tip of the week: Call of Duty WWII – A great way to improve the accuracy of newer players like myself or to have a nice warm up for seasoned players, you can create a game mode to act as a shooting gallery. To do this, select custom match. For the settings choose free-for-all under mode. Set the game rules to unlimited time and score limit. This will allow you to practice as long as you prefer and just exit out once you feel warmed up. For the game rules set the mini map to constant. Under health and damage set the health to 150% and health regen to fast. Under lobby options change join in progress to not allowed. Then finally go to bots setup and choose difficulty of recruit. You will also want to set the number of bots and this will determine the difficulty level. Start out trying 13 and if you feel it is too easy keep raising the number until you reach your comfort limit. Once finished with these settings save the custom mode under something like “Shooting gallery”. Then you will want to choose your weapon and attachments. I recommend using the STG44 due to the ammo capacity and gun stability. For your basic training choose “Primed”, have quickdraw for your weapon and extended mags. You can fill the other two with whichever attachments you prefer. Now load into “the “Docks” map and run toward the square with the statue. This is a nice center area that will have a constant flow of bots. The reason we set 150% health is to require an extra shot or two to kill the bots to help hone your skills. Requiring you to hit an extra few shots should make an online game with real players easier.