Infection Podcast launches a new ARK server, the latest gaming news and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

GOTW – Overwatch Next: ???

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Podcast Interview: Rocky Mountain Slackers –

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GOTW – Overwatch

Tip of the week: ARK – Getting a foothold in ARK can be difficult. Those initial tames can keep you running in circles trying to gather enough berries and narcotics to keep your tame knocked out. Try taming a low level Trike first. They don’t have crazy tame times and once you hit level 16 you can use it to gather more than enough Narco berries to keep your tames knocked out. You will also find that once you are making narcotic you will be looking for as many ways as possible to obtain meat and narcos. Another tip for getting spoiled meat is to hold down ctrl and drag each piece of meat into its own stack. This will cause them all to spoil at the same time. There is a new option if you right click allows you to split all automatically.