Brian updates us on a week with ARK, PUBG sells 10 million copies and the PC gaming market on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST


Humble Bundle:

Tip of the week: ARK – You are now able to adjust your gamma within ARK. It is not in the normal graphics settings, but, you will have to assign a key to one of two gamma levels. Go into the keybindings area of settings. On the very lower right you will see two new options for Gamma. You will need to click where it says Unassigned and choose an unused key to activate the alternate gamma levels. For your second gamma level you may want to put it to a high number when it is night or you are in a cave. Ten should be satisfactory. To activate this level, press the assigned key. To go back to the 2nd level option, press that key and the screen should become darker.