Rust HDRP, Dead Matter 0.6.0, SCUM updates and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Tip of the week: No Man’s Sky – When playing you will be tempted to dismantle everything. You get 50% of the resources back from your original resource cost. Be careful of dismantling items with a nearly full inventory because you will lose all items that don’t fit in your inventory. If you are dismantling something expensive, you will possibly lose some valuable materials. If you are looking to earn some money to get a better ship, look at crafting. One good way to earn money is a “Bypass Chip”. This is used to access signal scanners and is consumed on use. It is cheap to make (10 Plutonium and 10 Iron) you can sell it for a profit. If you closely watch the Galactic Market you can find other items that are marked up and can be sold for a profit. As you get farther in the game, you will discover rare blueprints.  You can invest in Planetary Charts that can be purchased from the Space Station Merchant.These give you hidden locations to Operations Centres/Depots, Trade Outposts, Crashed Ships, or ancient artifact sites. Beware though, not every chart is guaranteed to lead you to something special.