Apex Dev Issues, Recap of GamesCom2019, Dead by Daylight with Stranger Things and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Tip of the week: Dead by Daylight – When playing it is important not to leave a trail. Vaulting, running, etc. will leave red markers to track. Also keep in mind the birds on the map. Crows will be startled when you come near them and can be a giveaway to the killer of your location. You might want to use one of these alerts like missing a skill check on a generator to draw the killer away from your team mates.You can crouch and crawl away in order to not leave an indication of which direction you left in. Also you may not want to attempt freeing yourself from the hook. Each time you fail, you take additional damage and die more quickly. The chance of freeing yourself is very low.