Cyberpunk dev costs, China & India bans, Dead by Daylight and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

Friday Night Game Night: SCUM

Tip of the week: Conan Exiles – Here are some tips for playing Conan Exiles. In Conan you want to gather a ton of materials. Building a base, creating weapons and armor, etc. costs a lot of resources. You will want to create a small base that allows you to place some storage containers to hold all of these items. You will also want to place a bed in this location to allow you to respawn back at your base. Many items spoil over time, so be sure to create a preservation box to hold items with a decay timer. Be sure to not eat raw meat right away. You can assign a skill point to “survival” which allows you to eat raw meat and that alone will help you to stay fat and happy in game.