Stadia Tax, Last Year DLC, Rust Music and more on this week’s episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST

VR Feedback: fantom24:A little behind, but just listened to the Half Life: Alyx bit. I’m a VR guy (Rift S and Quest) and you’re not wrong. It’s a chicken or the egg thing. For more AAA content, you need a user base. To get a bigger user base, you need worthwhile games. There are some AAA quality games that are exclusive to Oculus; Asgard’s Wrath, Lone Echo, Stormland. But they are still exclusive and just not enough. There are a few games (Boneworks, Half Life, Medal Of Honor, a couple Walking Dead games) coming out in the next few weeks to months that will hopefully bring more fully featured games and therefore, more people.


Tip of the week: Conan Exiles – For those that might be interested in jumping into Conan Exiles to try out the new mounts, here are some helpful hints that will improve your odds of survival. When you first begin you can fill your stomach with things like fat grubs, handfuls of insects, or feral flesh. There is also a river that you can easily access water from. Once you are fed, you will need to gather as much fiber, branches, and stone as possible. This will allow you to create items like hatchets, stone picks, and more.These tools will allow you to